Fire Department Services

The City of Tecumseh has weather warning sirens, which are designed to warn citizens of tornado warnings. The sirens will only be sounded when a tornado has been spotted in the county and could be potentially a threat to the City of Tecumseh. When the sirens are activated, people are advised to take cover and remain in a place of safety, (basements, rooms without a lot of windows, etc.) until conditions improve.

To avoid confusion, there is NOT an "All Clear" siren sounded. You must use your own judgment or listen to a radio for further information and updates.

We like to welcome people into the fire station and give tours on a regular basis.  If you or your group would like to schedule a tour, please contact the department during normal business hours at (517) 423-4545.

We also welcome walk-in tours.  If you and your family are out and you decide that a tour of the fire station would be something that you and the kids would enjoy, please stop in.

Station tours are conducted during normal business hours M-F, 8-5, unless arrangements are made in advance for an evening tour or public education event.

The Tecumseh Fire Department has selected the KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System to provide non-destructive emergency access to commercial and residential properties.  This system is specifically developed for the fire service.  It allows the fire department to carry only one master key that will allow us to gain access to commercial and residential property without having to force entry through doors or windows.  More than 9,000 departments nationwide use Knox® key boxes, vaults, Haz-Mat cabinets, key switches, locking FDC caps, and padlocks.  The use of the KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System will help the Tecumseh Fire Department to:

  • Eliminate needless, costly forced entry damage.
  • Assure immediate building entry by firefighters without delay or waiting for building keys.
  • Protect inventory, equipment and supplies from unnecessary water damage caused by delayed sprinkler shut-off.
  • Satisfy State fire codes and emergency access ordinances.
  • Save you time and aggravation by not requiring you to drive to your building at 3:00 a.m. for a false alarm.
  • Help you feel secure about emergency coverage when your building is left unattended.
  • Maintain building security after a fire alarm investigation by simply re-locking the undamaged door.
Our department uses the KeySecure®, master key security systems, to control the Knox Master Key.

Each KNOX-BOX purchased by the property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by our department.  With the Knox System, there is no cost to the fire department, no waiting for a property owner to unlock the door in the middle of the night, and no forcing the door open to gain entry.  The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and the liability for lost keys.

Please consider purchasing the Knox Box® Rapid Entry System for your business or home.

All new commercial or industrial sites are required to install a Knox Box® Rapid Entry System per the fire code.

Any questions can be directed to Fire Chief Scot Long ( or by contacting the department at (517) 423-4545.

The complete line of Knox Box® Rapid Entry System products can be viewed at