River - Paddling

This looped water trail takes you into the heart of Indian Crossing Trails. Grab your canoe or kayak and launch from Globe Mill Pond or below Standish Dam. You can enjoy nearly three miles of waterways and end your paddling excursion right back where you started. Print out a water trail map from our Parks & Trails Maps section. Don't have a canoe or kayak? Click here to rent one from the Tecumseh Paddling Company!

Check water conditions before you go by heading to the US Geologic Survey Stream Gauge.

Here are some helpful tips to understand the cubic feet per second (cf/s) and what that looks like on this section of the River Raisin. If the discharge or instantaneous value is:
          - 25 cf/s or less, expect to get out and walk through a few sections due to low water
          - 30 cf/s to 90 cf/s, expect a gentle float with plenty of water to enjoy your paddle
          - 110 cf/s or higher, reevaluate paddling the river section based on your skill.

Water Trail Map