Water Tower Project

The City of Tecumseh's Utilities Department is preparing for a significant Water Tower Rehabilitation Project. To complete painting and other updates, the water tower on N. Occidental Highway will need to be taken out of service. While the water tower is out of service, wells will have to provide ALL of the City’s water needs, which is a challenge due to fluctuating water demand throughout the day. To ensure there are not any water shortages or damage to the system, more information will be shared with residents about how to limit your water use during this essential project.

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Update as of May 22, 2024
The water tower project engineers confirmed today that the project is on track to be completed by the end of the month, according to the original project plan and schedule. They will have the painting completed this week, but are waiting on delivery of an expansion joint that is to be installed on the main pipe that takes water into the tower, so they cannot fill the water tower until that is in place.

We are on schedule and are getting close. We truly appreciate residents' cooperation and patience as we near completion!

Update as of May 9, 2024
All of the sandblasting of the old paint is complete inside and outside of the tower. The next day or two they will be welding on certain new safety and operational features and cleaning up from the sandblasting and will be ready to start on final paint coatings in the next week or so (weather permitting)! So far, we are on schedule to have it completed in the next 3-4 weeks.

As a reminder, we are still asking residents and customers to refrain from running their irrigation systems while the water tower is out of service, as extra water use can impact the entire system right now. If anyone has questions, please call us and we can explain the need to maintain basic water use while this project is ongoing.

Photo Updates as of May 2, 2024
Exterior sandblasting is complete, and ready for paint. Interior is being sandblasted in preparation for paint as well. 
May 2 WT  May 2 WT 2
Photo Updates as of April 24, 2024
WTApril23 WTApril23-1 WTApril23-2
Photo Updates as of April 10, 2024
IMG_1845  Water Tower Update_04.10.2024  Water Tower Update2_04.10.2024

Important Information about the Water Tower

  • Painting and repairing the water tower is essential to preserving it. Painting the water tower decreases the risk of coating failures which can lead to rusting and holes which jeopodizes the lifespan of the water tower and it's ability to operate as a vital part of the City's water system.
  • The paint and chemicals (primers, paints, cleaners, etc.) used in the painting and repair project must meet NSF Standards. The City's project specifications state the following: Approval by ANSI/NSF Standard 61/600 is also a requirement for potable water contact coatings. City engineers verify all products used meets these standards, before application. 
  • The City water tower holds 500,000 gallons of drinking water.
  • The average daily use of water in Tecumseh is 700,000 gallons per day.
  • During times of high demand, we have seen 1.8 million gallons per day (2.57x as much water) used in the water system. Well pumps alone may struggle to maintain that amount of demand and flow to the system.
  • The water tower provides water pressure to the entire water system when the well pumps are not running.
  • The well pumps cycle on and off depending on the amount of water in the water tower.
  • At least 1 well pump will need to run constantly while the water tower is empty and out of service. A 2nd well pump will be set up to run as a backup if and when necessary.
  • High demand periods are spring and summer when residents and businesses are actively using water to flush fire hydrants, irrigate lawns and gardens, fill swimming pools, water flowers, let kids play in the sprinklers, wash vehicles, etc.
  • That is why we are attempting to have the water tower painting completed as early as possible this spring. It must be warm enough to paint, but not wait too long and get into the high demand months.
  • The water tower provides the water system additional capacity to endure times of high water demand (fire-fighting, irrigation system use, fire hydrant flushing, etc.
  • It is more than likely there will be water main breaks during this project period, and those also create potential high demand on the system. If anyone notices water bubbling up from the ground in the streets, please contact the city immediately so we can address that issue as quickly as possible.
  • As an example, during an average day, the system would use the amount of water in the water tower 1.3 times. During high demand, it would use over 2.6x the amount of water in the tower.