City Announces MLK Community Spirit Award

What is the MLK Community Spirit Award?

As we continue to grow our city, one thing that always stands out is the true sense of community that many people feel here in Tecumseh; a sense of belonging and support that is so important it is often a bond that keeps families here for generations.  As part of our ongoing commitment to being a loving, diverse city we must strive to create an environment where all people belong, are loved, protected, and included.  The goal of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Spirit Award is to honor those that have made a significant contribution to create a true community of belonging for all here in Tecumseh; someone that embodies Dr. King’s vision for a ‘Beloved Community.’

A ‘Beloved Community’ is a place where all people, from all walks of life, can live in peace and harmony together.  It is a society built around love, justice, brother/sisterhood, equal opportunities and overall inclusion and acceptance of all people.  A nominee for this award should be someone who has worked toward creating a community for all in Tecumseh such as this.  This could be through creating a new program, volunteering, educating, breaking down racial and cultural divides, etc.

for more information and to access the nomination form.  Nominations are due November 30th, 2020.